Engagement Models

StableFlow can engage with you in a number of different ways:

Project-based outsourcing

With this model StableFlow holds responsibility for all development risks, while the you retain full control over business strategy and associated outcomes. Project-based outsourcing is the best fit in case your project requirements and deliverables are clearly defined.

Dedicated team of developers

DDT model represents full-time development resources, allocated to work exclusively on your projects on a long-term basis. StableFlow is responsible to form a team of specialists, who have precisely the set of knowledge and technologies that are needed to you. We offer you flexibility in terms of team size and structure as well as the option to increase or decrease numbers during the engagement.

Skills Augmentation

If your existing team has a shortfall in knowledge or resources, StableFlow can augment the existing members to help meet your delivery target. Experts with specific skills can be involved on as-needed basis for particular tasks or dedicated for full-time work as a member of your team. We know how to integrate quickly and efficiently with your existing team structure and processes.

Whatever the engagement style, our people have the skills, expertise and experience to help meet your delivery targets.

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