Портфолио - Media Distribution

Highload video platform

StableFlow has developed custom and highload cloud-based video portal. Website handles up to 10 Millions visitors per day and was included into Top 1000 USA websites by Alexa. Physical infrastructure includes Load Balancer, Database Server with DB replications and 6 web-nodes. Website uses improved caching approach and automatic cache synchronization between different web nodes.
External APIs integrated: Comscore realtime traffic verification API, Ad Science realtime traffic verification API (IAS BAPI), Optimatic, New Relic, Moat, Nielsen, Liverail.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Media Distribution, News and Publications, Website, Responsive Web Design, PHP, HTML5, Yii, Bootstrap

Internet Music Application

bloop. LONDON is an internet music application, streamed from terminal
studio of new radio station based within the shadow of The Shard in London broadcasting 24/7 electronic music.

StableFlow has developed iOS application and used radio automation software "Airtime" to create backend allowing control radio station via the web.

Tags: Media Distribution, Website, Mobile Application, PHP, iOS

Entertainment TV Network

EntBay is an online TV channel broadcasting the bests of Bay Area's entertainment via television online.

StableFlow has developed Google TV optimized website and Samsung Smart TV application.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Media Distribution, Website, CMS, Smart TV Application, Samsung Smart TV, Google TV

Application to drive sales of books and music

StableFlow has developed iOS application for zapper.co.uk - website helping users to sell books, CDs, DVDs and games for cash.

Application works with Barcode Scanning.

Tags: E-commerce & Retail, Media Distribution, Mobile Application, iOS

Russian television service

Russian Google TV (Russian TV Group) - is a Russian television service that lets you view a huge number of channels of the Russian Federation on the Google TV. Anyone can connect to it through Google TV - for viewing on the television set, or any Android tablet phone, and of course using any regular web browser on a PC.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Media Distribution, Website, CMS, Mobile Application, PHP, Google TV

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