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Highload video platform

StableFlow has developed custom and highload cloud-based video portal. Website handles up to 10 Millions visitors per day and was included into Top 1000 USA websites by Alexa. Physical infrastructure includes Load Balancer, Database Server with DB replications and 6 web-nodes. Website uses improved caching approach and automatic cache synchronization between different web nodes.
External APIs integrated: Comscore realtime traffic verification API, Ad Science realtime traffic verification API (IAS BAPI), Optimatic, New Relic, Moat, Nielsen, Liverail.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Media Distribution, News and Publications, Website, Responsive Web Design, PHP, HTML5, Yii, Bootstrap

Rewards website

GiftHulk.com is a rewards site, that offers its members multiple ways to earn unique virtual currency – Hulk Coins. Those Coins can later be redeemed for a wide variety of items in our Hulk Store. There are many different ways for to earn Hulk Coins - use GiftHulk Search as search enginу, complete free surveys, offers, tasks, watch GiftHulk TV videos, ...

StableFlow has developed GiftHulk using WordPress CMS. During the project custom search plugin was developed. GiftHulk Search uses Bing and Yahoo search engines to provide the most relevant search results.

Tags: Communities & Networks, Arts & Entertainment, Website, CMS, PHP, WordPress

Entertainment TV Network

EntBay is an online TV channel broadcasting the bests of Bay Area's entertainment via television online.

StableFlow has developed Google TV optimized website and Samsung Smart TV application.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Media Distribution, Website, CMS, Smart TV Application, Samsung Smart TV, Google TV

Interactive Story Book

Jump Up and Join In is a highly interactive app that helps childrens develop their musical talent.

The application uses a number of libraries and SDKs: Core Graphics, Core Animation, Cocos2d, Facebook SDK, GoogleAnalitic, Maya Animation, Video Clips, Karaoke Recordings

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, eLearning & Online Training, Mobile Application, Mobile Game, iOS

Portfolio Application

The application is a gallery portfolio of Dexter Moren Associates - a London based design practice offering urban design, architecture and interior design.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, News and Publications, Mobile Application, iOS

Website for guitar players and fans

Allaxess.com is website for guitar players, by guitar players. Fans can get news about favorite guitarists, can find tips and tricks by playing guitar.

Wesbite developed using WordPress CMS

Tags: Communities & Networks, Arts & Entertainment, Website, CMS, PHP, WordPress

Website for selling decals

Decalkits.com the leader and inventor of the decal kit. Artists can upload graphics and sell them; customers can create custom projects to be done by artists.

StableFlow has developed custom decal creator. Custom e-commerce solution was developed using Authorize.NET API

Tags: E-commerce & Retail, Arts & Entertainment, Website, E-commerce, CMS, PHP

Puzzle Game

Puzzle Time is a puzzle game with multiplayer, chat between players and social media features.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Mobile Game, iOS

Russian television service

Russian Google TV (Russian TV Group) - is a Russian television service that lets you view a huge number of channels of the Russian Federation on the Google TV. Anyone can connect to it through Google TV - for viewing on the television set, or any Android tablet phone, and of course using any regular web browser on a PC.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Media Distribution, Website, CMS, Mobile Application, PHP, Google TV

Family Decisions application

Family Decisions is a simple and fun application for all ages that helps you decide who will carry out a task. Select characters, insert your names, add your faces and let the Family Decisions application decide.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Mobile Application, Mobile Game, iOS

Word Game

Fun Words is a simple puzzle game whose goal is to make words from the letters dropped. This game aims to increase vocabulary.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Mobile Application, Mobile Game, Android, iOS

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