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Measuring tool

Geotech is a powerful and useful application allowing you to easily measure your apartment and calculate the renovation cost based on different levels of finish.

Tags: Business, Mobile Application, iOS

Coupons application

atmAp enables consumers to find out about the latest redeemable coupons that can be printed on an ATM and redeemed at retailers across the UK.

Tags: E-commerce & Retail, Mobile Application, iOS

Application to search for best prices nearby

iHappyHourz shows the times and the actual prices during a happy hour near you. Find where the best prices are during any day of the week and rate your favorite happy hour! Search for "free" "Sunday Happy Hour" or whatever you are looking for.

Tags: Travel & Booking, Mobile Application, iOS

Application to improve vocabulary

AWL Builder application is designed to help learners and teachers make use of the highly regarded Academic Word List (AWL). The app contains simple tools to help download, email and organize the AWL, as well as study tools to quickly and efficiently learn the words, keep detailed record of progress and the ability to email progress to a teacher.

Tags: eLearning & Online Training, Mobile Application, iOS

Jellyfish Beach Reports

The application reads your GPS location and you can view JellyFish Reports by: "nearest beach within 10km" or search beaches anywhere in the world by "Beach Name".

Tags: Travel & Booking, Mobile Application, iOS

Family Decisions application

Family Decisions is a simple and fun application for all ages that helps you decide who will carry out a task. Select characters, insert your names, add your faces and let the Family Decisions application decide.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Mobile Application, Mobile Game, iOS

Word Game

Fun Words is a simple puzzle game whose goal is to make words from the letters dropped. This game aims to increase vocabulary.

Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Mobile Application, Mobile Game, Android, iOS

Fraud risk calculator

The RISQ Fraud Health Check has been designed to allow companies to perform a self-assessment of their exposure to fraud. Application has questionnaire interface.

StableFlow has developed Responsive website, iOS and Android applications.

Tags: Business, Website, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Application, PHP, HTML5, Android, iOS

Remove red eye tool

Application allows to remove red eye effect by tapping the corresponding area on photo.

Tags: Mobile Application, iOS

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