Mobile Applications

Native iOS / Android applications

Our mobile development experience covers variety of domains:

  • Mobile Utilities
  • Business Applications
  • Social Networking
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Everyday tasks
  • E-commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Booking Services
  • Media Content Distribution
  • Electronic Forms and Catalogs
  • QRCode, Barcode processing
  • GPS and Geolocation
  • Data Visualization
  • Photo capturing and editing
  • Augmented Reality

and more...

Comprehensive solutions, built around mobile functionality

Mobile application implementation often requires not only the development of the mobile client. Application may have online database, CMS, communicate with API to exchange portions of data, etc. So besides the development of the mobile client we provide the following service:

  • Design of supporting website
  • Custom API and data source development
  • Back-end development for data management
  • Integration with existing back-end software

Mobile Web HTML5 applications (with native-like experience)

Mobile web application is written in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and server-side languages (e.g. PHP, Rails).

The true advantage of developing mobile web application is cross platform compatibility that reduces costs for development of multiple mobile platforms.

The major concern is that mobile web apps can access a limited amount of the device’s native features and information (orientation, geolocation, media, etc.) Such features as feedback mechanics like vibration and sounds, gyroscope physics, etc. not available.

Mobile games

StableFlow provides mobile game development services for creating both 2D & 3D custom game applications for Android and iOS based mobile devices.

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